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GIBBS BRAND WORKS! – Fixing a squeaky Brother HL-2150N Laser Printer

The office laser printer has been squeaking for ages, so we decided it was about time to fix it with the magic of Gibbs Brand.

It was squeaking whenever it activated the paper feed, so we carefully squirted a small amount of Gibbs onto the bearings for the various paper rollers (make sure you disconnect the power cable from the printer before you do this). It turned out it was the big red roller in the back of the printer that was being noisy. Once we’d finished lubricating we than ran a few sheets of scrap paper through the printer to soak up any excess Gibbs and the squeak was gone 🙂

Using Gibbs Brand to fix a squeaking laser printer

Using Gibbs Brand to fix a squeaking laser printer

The great thing about using Gibbs Brand to lubricate the bearings is that it does not leave a sticky residue so it’s not going to collect toner dust. Hopefully now Gibbs has been applied the squeak will not return!