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American Speedfest

Nascar came to Europe for the first time and Brands Hatch hosted the event.TK1_1779

To continue the theme american cars, cheer leaders, monster trucks and even american footballers added to the mix.


The Gibbs mustang was in attendance as well as a varied selection of vehicles including the back to the future Delorean

There were some rare race cars,like this Alan Mann Falconnnnnnllllllll

.Even the Pirates of the Carribean


The day also hosted a full selection of racing,Including of course the Nascar race cars.


.ppppppppppp s6A fantastic weekend that stayed dry although a little chilly        

Brands Hatch

GIBBS BRAND WORKS! – Cleaning and protecting an old Land Rover.

Gibbs Brand is a great car valeting product!

This is a neglected 20yr old Land Rover that had spent it’s whole life on a farm and rarely cleaned.

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Gibbs was applied to the corroded aluminium panels.

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Gibbs cleans off the oxidisation from the aluminium and leaves a protective layer to prevent further corrosion.

Gibbs was also sprayed on rusted steel areas and hinges .

yyyy New

Gibbs was then applied to the oxidised and faded wheel arches and mirrors, restoring their original colour and finish.


Before Gibbs applied





Faded mirror before


After being cleaned with Gibbs

The front of the Landrover was also cleaned. Gibbs was applied with a cloth,and the difference speaks for itself:

photol lanndy3

The grill was then cleaned with Gibbs

lanndy7 photolll

The Landrover is beginning to take shape.

In part two we will show how Gibbs can be used to clean the engine bay and protect the chassis as well as a penetrate to remove old screws and bolts.